Tuesday, 1 July 2008

You must take care on this facts.

If you wnat to hunting the job in oversea country. You should be well prepaired the following facts and figure.
1>    Which country do you prefer ?
2>    What is your professional skills ?
3>    How many stay you can get ?
4>    Which media do you use to submit your application ?
5>    How to submit quiker than others ?
6>    How many media you can use ? (Mobile, Laptop, Printer...etc)
7>    Understending of the Employer job scope.
    You can choose you mostly prefer region of the world !
    You should take care this fact indeep, cuasze that was directly effecting to you.
    Take care to choose your Visa type for stay pass at the oversea country.
    Now, most of the people are using to submit their application by email & online job sites.
    You should be using the Outlook Express or any may client to submit your application by mail
    Well preapired your Resume, Cover Letter, Recommendations. Professional Certificats ..etc
    That was directly depend on your budget spent on job hunting. Minimum must have mobile for calling & direct contact from the employer, who intrestend your application.
    Reading carefully about the job advertisment and well understanding on employer requirement job scope (Such as, Rqeuirement, You should be..etc)
I will be publish soon in Burmese

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