Thursday, 11 March 2010

My thought on high levy !

Hi There !

Now a day, Singapore GOV will have to increase the foreign workers levy. So, I think it may be a little bit difficult to get a job for foreign workers. They said "increased productivity" !

How can be increase product with less human resource ?

They may be using more machine, energy and high tech. So, it will be go green environment forever or not ? More machine and energy cause more carbon dioxide spread out in air and got air pollution. Isn't it ? More chemical waste cause water pollution also. One thing to say " Don't forgot foreign workers as myself". We are try to serve all the best in daily. I think most of the foreign workers are doing on Singaporean don't want to do! If most of those sector affect, who have to do those kinds of job ? Be consider to give some fresh air to foreign workers.

I also thought about that! If our levy will be going high. Employer will be asked to pay 50% from us. Otherwise, employer will be cut of 100% from our monthly salary. All kinds of foreign workers fly out and working here to survive their family. They have future plan to migrate here in Singapore. Because of their own country not good enough for them. We know, Singapore living cost is very very expensive. But, we don't have any choice! Don't forgot these word "We will support all the best in daily".

on behalf of foreign workers !