Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I just want to share some job hunting techniqe. First you need to know is which job scope you can do. Second thing is prepaired your resume simple and clearly in word or PDF format as you like. Third step to make sure your resume and the certificate you have, because that was important for your work pass to approved. Fourth things is start hunting your jobs. (First priority to be hunt Walk in interview, search in daily news paper)(Second hunt online jobs)

Note down which job did you apply by date with contact person, phone number, email, detail addres (zip code is imp). The better way you make a call by phone and take appoitment for walk in interview.

Don't forgot your applying job positon and job scope before you go to interview. If you are hunt the job in singapore, following Useful URL link provide to find a place which you want to go to.

To be continued

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