Sunday, 14 August 2011

Foreign-worker policies to be tightened - Channel NewsAsia

Foreign-worker policies to be tightened - Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: The government will further tighten its policy on middle-income foreign workers, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday during his National Day Rally speech.

PM Lee said this was to address challenges at the workplace.

The measures include raising the salary thresholds for Employment Passes and tightening educational qualifications.

Details of the changes will be announced soon by the Ministry of Manpower.

Mr Lee said the ministry will work with tripartite partners to develop guidelines for fair and responsible recruitment and employment practices.

The change comes just a few months after the ministry raised qualifying salaries for foreign professionals and skilled workers.

Mr Lee said the issue in the middle-lower range arose because foreigners on Employment Pass work alongside Singapore's middle-level managers and executives

Mr Lee said Singapore may be seeing full employment, but Singa­poreans still worry about competition from foreigners.

"One polytechnic student asked me this very direct question," Mr Lee said.

"He said 'you know you have the S Pass for people who are one level above the work permits; why do you set the S Pass qualifying salary at S$1800?'

"Why did he ask me that question? Because really, what he meant was, S$1,800 is less than what many diploma holders are earning.

"Diploma holders earn more than that, so if you set the level there, we are going to be having people who are earning less than us, but competing against us. Why do you let the foreigner compete directly against me?

"And I understand those feelings, but we need some non-Singaporeans to complement the Singaporeans and to make up our short falls."

From July 1, 2011, to qualify for S Pass, applicants' monthly salaries have to be S$2,000 or more, up from S$1,800.

Similarly, the qualifying salary thresholds for Q1, P2, and P1 Passes were raised to S$2,800, S$4,000, and S$8,000 respectively.

Mr Lee added small and medium sized enterprises must also be taken into consideration, as they often need foreign workers the most.

He cautioned tightening on foreign workers does not mean Singaporeans will automatically get better jobs or higher pay, and that slowing down the inflow of foreign workers means accepting slower economic growth.

Mr Lee said Singapore must stay open to the world, attracting global winners to invest here, and with diverse teams creating jobs and prosperity for Singaporeans.


My point of view.

I don't know what idea to border the foreign workers. Usually, most of the smart Singaporean going out to oversea country to get higher pay as well. I think, most of that mind set happening from some lazy bones. Very funny, there were no point to get a job easily. Because, who want to work hard anywhere can get a good chance ever! It was depends on personal mind set and point of view.

Any way thank you Singapore to get higher salary for foreign worker!

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